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How an Automated Quality Verification System can also improve Productivity

The obvious benefit to automated quality assurance (sometimes called “poke yokes”) would be a reduction in rework or added makeup run times, if caught before leaving the facility, or even worse, lost business and penalties when it makes it to the customer. A not as clear advantage to implementing automated process verification accuracies can include increased productivity and enhanced morale.

Ongoing developments with industrial software and hardware are giving the manufacturer access to products that are more robust, easier to use & configure, while decreasing in cost. Implementing integrated systems utilizing these technologies can prove to not only enhance the quality accuracy of the products being produced but may also increase productivity while reducing stress on the production staff.

Software for processing and tracking the data associated with each unit or batch produced has been available for some years now. These software offerings continue to develop, designed for easier & more appropriate use, coming down in price, and more reliable. To read more, visit our website or Facebook page.