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Quality and Certifications

We ensure high quality throughout our services, and our qualifications and certifications show that our engineers are more than capable of finding the right solutions for you.


Integrated Control Systems, Inc.’s (ICSi) commitment to excellence is evident in the high quality of our services. Our highly qualified and certified engineers possess the expertise to provide you with the right solutions. One of our proudest certifications is the UL 508a certification, which ensures that our electrical control panels adhere to the safety standards set by UL 508a. Our services and products – including our Vision Inspection Panel – all fall under our UL 508a certification.

At Integrated Control Systems, Inc., we have a dedicated team that specializes in creating cutting-edge control panels. From simple push-button stations to innovative multi-bay enclosures, our panels are meticulously tested to ensure compliance with UL guidelines. Each member of our team possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of these systems, and they are eager to assist you in achieving success with your projects.

UL 508a Certification

UL 508a is the standard for safety in the construction of industrial control panels. We have been granted a UL 508a certification, which allows us to build trust with our customers and partners. UL 508a is the United States’ safety standard for industrial control panels (ICPs). These ICPs will have a UL stamp to certify their safety ratings are up to par. 

Examples of some of the protection measures we implement include the following:

  • Correct Material Selection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Proper Grounding and Wiring
  • And more!

Applications & Examples of UL 508 Panel Uses

Through our UL 508 panels, we offer the quality assurance that the UL 508a certification entrusted us with. We strive to ensure that our qualified products work throughout the production process to ensure efficiency for our customers. Some examples and uses of UL 508 Panels include the following:

  • Assembly equipment
  • Production lines
  • Pump and fan applications
  • Motor control 
  • And more!

Integrated Control Systems, Inc. guarantees that any panel with the UL mark meets the UL 508a requirements. We value your reliance on our control panels and offer you continued assurance at a fair price while meeting the safety standards you require. Contact us today to see why we have been granted our certifications, such as the UL 508a, and let us assist you with your control panel needs.