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Custom Work Stations

Integrated Control Systems, Inc. (ICSi) has decades of experience designing, fabricating, and installing many different types of custom work stations. The custom work stations we supply are frequently used for assembly, end-of-line testing, material handling, packaging, or quality inspection. We at ICSi pride ourselves on our ability to conceptualize and develop custom-tailored solutions for specific processes within varying industry sectors. Depending upon the customer’s needs and process, these stations may be manual, semi-automated, or fully automated.

Our custom work stations can replace the typical hands-on labor in repetitive tasks, including time-consuming, non-ergonomic, or dangerous tasks. Because the equipment helps automate these tasks, human error decreases and workplace safety increases.

With the world changing so rapidly and consumer demand picking up, there is a greater need for these custom solutions. ICSi is constantly considering different ways in which we can provide solutions to help our clients adapt to the complex and unique problems they face. Our solutions provide beginning-to-end installations of various services so you can avoid the hassle of constructing your establishment and immediately reap the benefits.

What We Offer Our Custom Work Station Clients

We offer the design, fabrication, and commissioning services to provide solid custom work space solutions. ICSI will work with the client to provide the best solution while keeping mindfulness of budget and on-time delivery.

We at ICSI love solving complex problems, which increase productivity and reliability. Below, you will find a list of some, but not limited to, various components we have supplied turnkey custom work stations to accommodate assembly, EOL testing, material handling, packaging, and other quality inspection solutions:

Automotive and Transportation

  • Cock-pit-module or CPM
  • Front-end-module or FEM
  • HVAC and Intake components
  • EVAP, Condenser, and Radiator
  • Driver and passenger door trim
  • Luggage and floorboard trim
  • Passenger console and glove box components
  • Exhaust components
  • Front and rear bumper skins, guards
  • Driveshafts
  • Brake pads
  • Batteries

Consumer goods

  • Washer and dryer assemblies
  • Storage and work containers
  • Construction fasteners and brackets
  • Pool components
  • Consumer HVAC and air handlers

Contact us today to learn how our trained team can offer custom solutions for your production needs and guarantee the best end product.