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Quality Verification

At Integrated Control Systems, Inc. (ICSi), we strive to implement quality verification measures to ensure that our customers have a decreased margin of error in their processes. We work with a Parts Determining System (PDS) that is custom-made to account for production errors and actively works to minimize the threat of these conflicts.

ICSI Part Determination System

At ICSi, we take pride in our innovative and user-friendly ICSi Parts Determining System (PDS), which lies at the core of our assembly delivery solutions. Our experienced engineers have meticulously designed and programmed the PDS, ensuring that it caters to our customers’ specific needs without the hassle of complex programming changes that often pose unnecessary risks of failure.

To guarantee optimal performance, we have built the PDS on a well-validated and thoroughly tested base platform. This platform handles the vital functions of the system. We also subject the customized part of the PDS to rigorous testing in our facilities. Here, we simulate strenuous working conditions, high speeds, and even failures and hardware errors. This comprehensive testing ensures that the PDS delivers the enhanced performance that characterizes ICSi.

Our Part Determination System’s Capabilities

By implementing the PDS, our clients can eliminate the need for external devices like PCs and their modules. This not only allows for better control and monitoring of the system but also reduces the potential failure modes and maintenance points that could cause delivery delays. While integrated systems inherently carry a probability of failure, we have taken measures to mitigate this risk in the hardware design of our PDS. It is structured in a way that enables sectioned operation in case of failure.

We understand that technological systems can always be improved, which is why we ensure that each project operates on the most recent platforms. Additionally, we continuously implement improvements and updates based on lessons learned, reviews, and data analysis. At ICSi, we are committed to surpassing expectations and helping our clients achieve their goals. Above all, the PDS is designed with the user in mind.

We provide comprehensive training to empower users to manage and customize the system according to their preferences. Rest assured, we are always ready to lend a helping hand whenever needed. At ICSi, we believe in open systems that are not locked into proprietary constraints. Contact us today to learn more about what our Automated Quality Control systems can do for you!