ICSI provides a turnkey solution for integrating vision inspection into any manufacturing process without the need for additional complex PLC or HMI programming.

The Vision Inspection Panel comes with a complete drawing and installation package ena-bling do-it-yourself integration. For customers requiring assistance, ICSI offers a range of installation services from remote support to complete on-site setup.

Keyence Configuration

Keyence IV, IV2, or IV3

Up to four vision sensors

FLIR Configuration

FLIR Black Fly S

Up to four cameras

Additional I/O Options

One Keyence SR-1000 or 2000 series

bar code scanner

Multiple Discrete I/O available for

pass/fail/trigger events


  • Turnkey solution!
  • Step by Step integration guide for plug-and-play operation.
  • Intuitive HMI design with recipe-based configuration screens.
  • Multiple User Levels with Password protection to restrict access.
  • Real-time monitor of vision inspections via HMI.
  • Data storage options for images and results.
  • Inductive Automation Ignition® ready.
  • UL 508A Certified control panel.
  • Quick Connections for power and ethernet.

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