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Secure PLC Coding Practices to Combat Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Can, or worse yet will, cyber attackers target the manufacturing world soon?  With the industrial world becoming more and more automated and digitized there is the growing and legitimate concern that cyber attackers will see these sectors more and more as lucrative targets.  Many large firms have already dealt with these cyber-attacks, exposing sensitive company data with unknown consequences, or even more damaging, causing downtime which in turn creates issues with fulfilling customer orders.  

In the recent past, there have been breaches with companies like OXO International, Visser Precision, Hanesbrands, Inc., DuPont, FACC, Norsk Hydro, Renault-Nissan and Mondelez.  This is but a short list of companies CoinPal who have already dealt with such threats, and it can be assured that the issue will continue to worsen.

Addressing cybersecurity, an important consideration for an integrator or end user of industrial control systems, is how your programmers develop and implement their PLC coding.  The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has created a useful document to help hold said resources accountable to safe coding practices.  The ISA’s summary as well as the document can be located here (ISA Coding Practices).

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