Providing automation and control during assembly.

Conventional 5 Level Automation Pyramid


Enterprise Level

Sage®, Oracle®, SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics 365®

Management Level

Hydra®, Bluestreak®, IQMS®, CIMAG®, Epicor®

Supervision Level

Ignition®, Indusoft®, Wonderware®, Kepware®, Factory Talk®

Control Level

A-B®, Omron®, Mitsubishi®, Siemens®, Modicon®, ABB®

Field Level

Field devices from simple switches to IIoT programmable edge computing sensors.



All or nothing and unwieldly systems that are fantastic at accounting. Terrible at manufacturing.


Manufacturing Execution Systems because ERP’s don’t address this level. However, MES’s don’t usually manage data acquisition and are often vendor-controlled.


Statistical Control and Data Acquisition system because PLC’s control the logic not manage metadata.


The heart of the machine or manufacturing system.

Field Devices

The arms and legs of the manufacturing system. Traditional sensors lean on the computing power of the system it is attached to.

ICSi 3 Level Automation Pyramid



We interface with the ERP. Few integrators rise to the ability to speak the IT language, manage SQL databases or develop custom scripting as required to interface.


Our Process/Part Determination System leverages Ignition to collectively blend the MES, SCADA and PLC/HMI functions as one. All in a platform-agnostic system that is ready for IIoT!

Field Devices

Leverage your existing components while also being able to take advantage of the latest IIoT smart devices with edge computing.



We interface with your ERP according to the rules and limits of your system. We can develop custom interfaces and SQL database connections that YOU can manage going forward.



Deploy all your broadcast sheets, process diagram display, system performance displays on Andon screens, work instructions, poka-yoke, vision inspection, robot control, reject management, diagnostics, red part testing, photo archiving, bar code scanners, printers, critical torque drivers, etc.


Field Devices

Along with conventional devices, we can deploy high performance vision inspection systems, robotic assembly hardware and all other IIoT level devices and teach you how to modify and configure on your own!

ICSi Part Determination System

The ICSi Parts Determining System (PDS), the heart of the traceability and assemblies delivery, is designed and programmed by experienced engineers who understand customer needs and how to ground them to the front-end in a friendly and adaptable way without the need for complex programming changes that may require strenuous validation or unnecessary risks of failure.


A very well validated and tested base platform is used, it performs the vital and most complex functions of the system, even so, the customized part of it is also tested in our facilities where we simulate an environment with strenuous working conditions and speeds, which also includes simulation of failures, hardware errors and more to guarantee the enhanced performance that characterizes ICSi.

With the implementation of the PDS many external devices such as PLCs and their modules can be eliminated which allows better control and monitoring of the system due to the overall reduction of possible failure modes and maintenance points that could cause delivery delays.


Integrated systems by nature will always have a probability of failure, so in the hardware design of our PDS it is also sectioned and structured in a way that allows sectioned operation in case of failure; As mentioned, all technological systems can be improved, so in each project we ensure that the system is operational in the most recent platforms, in addition, improvements and updates are implemented based on lessons learned, reviews, and data analysis; in ICSi we always seek to be ready to exceed expectations and help our clients achieve their goals.

Finally, the system is designed for you the user and we train you to manage and customize the system as you wish while we always stand ready to help when you need it. No locked proprietary systems here.




Maintain quality
and productivity


Drastically reduces


end-user setup
and change over

PDS Specific Benefits

  • Robust and specialized development environment for this type of application, constantly improving and updating.

  • Intuitive applications for all levels, from the operator to the engineer designed in poka-yoke robust systems.

  • Special design for the automotive industry and its demand, high quality, and data traceability requirements.

  • Adaptability and versatility, easy to perform balances of operations and add or remove stations or tools.

  • Elimination of fault points, large wiring, unnecessary PLCs, and complex or obsolete interfaces.
  • Easy standardization to several lines of the same plant, high flexibility, and scalability.

  • Real-time process information, equipment control.

  • Remote supervision, easy to visualize the process, and alternatives to be able to give adequate flow to the process.

  • Compatibility and experience with systems of various brands and the latest technologies.

  • Operator interfaces can be driven from any mobile device for quicker response to various issues and or reporting of real-time and important data.

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