Automated Guided Vehicles

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There are many options available in the AGV market to be sure. The selection process can be daunting with such a dizzying array of attributes out there. From automated fork trucks to reincarnations of R2D2 and Wall-E. However, the ICSi Automated Guided Vehicle was borne out of three particular needs not easily found in the common AGV market, despite a solid selection of high quality competitive options: extreme durability, ease of deployment and accessibility.


[Delivery of 15 production ICSi AGV’s for a new automotive tier 1 component assembly line]

The first requirement was significantly higher durability than commonly available AGV’s on the market. Much of the available market of units appears like space movie props clad in plastic housings or thin metal covers that would not survive an altercation with a fork truck here on earth. The ICSi AGV might receive a little nick in the paint, but you’ll be hard-pressed to damage its fully welded monocoque steel chassis. The ICSi AGV is a workhorse built to survive the most demanding industrial environments.


[Welded steel plate chassis]

The second requirement was that our clients required simple deployment. GPS/LIDAR and other highly programmable path generating technologies all have their place in the industry. Our niche is custom-designed automated assembly conveyances to replace conventional loop conveyor systems by using dependable magnetic tape, serial sensors, and onboard multi-axis control to command actions much more than merely moving parts from point A to point B on a motorized pallet. We can rotate parts, clamp & unclamp, lift, spin, load/unload. Whatever your custom application requires.


[Automatic rotating trunnion assemblies ready for installation on AGV towcarts]

The third requirement was that our AGV be accessible. The ICSi AGV is designed to be of “open source” architecture and not contain proprietary code to hold the customer hostage after purchase. You do not have to call us and pay us additional fees to reprogram your AGV. You can do this all yourself, and we can teach you how. When you buy an AGV solution from ICSi, you buy it all, including our industry-leading customer service. In a few years, when your model production changes and the line must be completely rebalanced, the ICSi AGV will save you money in retooling costs.


[Conventional PLC-based control that YOU can configure and troubleshoot]