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Is biopharma the next frontier for manufacturing automation?

The onset of Covid-19 and the worldwide response to the pandemic has placed a spotlight on the biopharmaceutical industry and its manufacturing challenges. Today, US biopharma manufacturing lags behind other industries in the implementation of […]

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* Our mechanical, electrical, and programming capabilities makes ICSi a one stop shop. * Provide constant monitoring of your process equipment to safeguard against potential problems. * ICSi works hard on establishing and maintaining customer […]

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Go for Launch

Automation in the next decade and beyondEric E. Gardner, Director of Operations, Integrated Control Systems, Inc A few Sundays ago, November 15th, at 7:27PM EST in fact, SpaceX launched four astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon […]

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For a Limited Time

Integrated Control Systems, Inc. (ICSi) is a full service systems integration company dedicated to optimizing our clients’ operations/process. We design, build, and integrate industrial control systems and machinery, including assembly and test equipment and save […]

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