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Secure PLC Coding Practices to Combat Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Can, or worse yet will, cyber attackers target the manufacturing world soon?  With the industrial world becoming more and more automated and digitized there is the growing and legitimate concern that cyber attackers will see […]

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How an Automated Quality Verification System can also improve Productivity

The obvious benefit to automated quality assurance (sometimes called “poke yokes”) would be a reduction in rework or added makeup run times, if caught before leaving the facility, or even worse, lost business and penalties […]

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AGV Based Conveying Advantages

Productivity improvements gained from incorporating AGV’s or AGC’s to replace a conveyor system on an assembly line. Upgrading an indexing conveyor-based assembly line to an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) based transfer system can provide significant […]

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Is biopharma the next frontier for manufacturing automation?

The onset of Covid-19 and the worldwide response to the pandemic has placed a spotlight on the biopharmaceutical industry and its manufacturing challenges. Today, US biopharma manufacturing lags behind other industries in the implementation of […]

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* Our mechanical, electrical, and programming capabilities makes ICSi a one stop shop. * Provide constant monitoring of your process equipment to safeguard against potential problems. * ICSi works hard on establishing and maintaining customer […]

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Go for Launch

Automation in the next decade and beyondEric E. Gardner, Director of Operations, Integrated Control Systems, Inc A few Sundays ago, November 15th, at 7:27PM EST in fact, SpaceX launched four astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon […]

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