Parts Determining Systems

Providing automation and control during assembly.

ICSi has developed a turnkey system that is designed to operate efficiently, safely, and reliably meeting the demands and high-quality, standards of the manufacturing industry.




Maintain quality
and productivity


Drastically reduces


end-user setup
and change over

PDS Specific Benefits

  • Robust and specialized development environment for this type of application, constantly improving and updating.

  • Intuitive applications for all levels, from the operator to the engineer designed in poka-yoke robust systems.

  • Special design for the automotive industry and its demand, high quality, and data traceability requirements.

  • Adaptability and versatility, easy to perform balances of operations and add or remove stations or tools.

  • Elimination of fault points, large wiring, unnecessary PLCs, and complex or obsolete interfaces.
  • Easy standardization to several lines of the same plant, high flexibility, and scalability.

  • Real-time process information, equipment control.

  • Remote supervision, easy to visualize the process, and alternatives to be able to give adequate flow to the process.

  • Compatibility and experience with systems of various brands and the latest technologies.

  • Operator interfaces can be driven from any mobile device for quicker response to various issues and or reporting of real-time and important data.